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Veneers and Zoom in Newton Centre

At the Center for Advanced Dental Care, we want every patient to experience a beautiful and healthy smile. Our skilled dentists, Dr. Robert S. Kaplan and Dr. Nicole M. Ford, address a variety of cosmetic concerns with porcelain veneers and professional teeth whitening with Zoom! 

We encourage you to call or visit our Newton Centre practice if you or a loved one are interested in improving your smile with these treatments. They offer many aesthetic benefits, making your smile look naturally beautiful. 

Restoring Natural Beauty With Veneers

Drs. Kaplan and Ford design veneers with your unique smile in mind. These thin yet durable coverings are placed over the outer layer of teeth, masking imperfections. Each shell is crafted in-office, providing convenient treatment and natural-looking results.

Veneers address the following issues for patients:

Uneven Spacing
Chips and Cracks
Thin Enamel 
Tooth Discoloration
Worn Teeth

Once dental flaws are corrected, all patients have to do is brush and floss daily. With proper care, veneers can last a decade or longer. 

From simple to more complex repair; our dentists use porcelain veneers as a permanent option for enhancing the overall aesthetics of patient’s smiles. 

Brightening Smiles With Zoom! 

Patients visiting the Center for Advanced Dental Care can improve self-confidence with in-practice and take-home whitening systems with Zoom! 

Once we conduct an examination of your dental health, Drs. Kaplan and Ford will work with you to achieve the desired teeth shade. Our chairside option lifts many years’ worth of enamel stains within a single visit. 

Patients who want control over their teeth whiteness can take advantage of our convenient take-home treatment as well. Using our digital impression technology, we customize each tray to fit your smile precisely. Same-day and at-home treatments are both effective ways to make teeth luminous. 

Reliable Care from Drs. Kaplan and Ford

It is our goal to exceed the needs of our patients. With over 40 years in the field, our experienced dentists establish optimal oral health so that cosmetic treatments can last as long as possible. A healthy smile, free of decay or infection, significantly increases the longevity of your whitening and veneer treatments.  

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If you wish to improve the appearance of your smile for an upcoming event or to enhance self-confidence for daily life, contact our Newton Centre practice today. Our dental team provides the attention your smile deserves.  



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