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Temporomandibular Disorder Treatment in Newton Centre

TMD, or jaw joint dysfunction, is the most common form of jaw pain and inflammation that affects people. The joint itself can function improperly due to numerous factors such as a jaw injury, severe dental misalignment, or improper bite. It doesn’t take long for discomfort to extend beyond the jaw area. 

When TMD impacts everyday life with symptoms by causing trouble sleeping, back and neck pain, earaches, and headaches, Dr. Robert S. Kaplan, and Dr. Nicole M. Ford can help. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to addressing TMD discomfort and are experts in providing care for these issues in a compassionate and effective manner. 

Modernized TMD Diagnosis and Treatment from Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Ford

Our Newton Centre doctors conduct a comprehensive examination instead of focusing on one particular problem. TMD affects much more than just the temporomandibular joint and treating it requires a personalized approach. Drs. Kaplan and Ford believe in considering all possible contributing factors, not just your oral health but also your entire body’s well-being. 

We utilize the latest technology in our diagnostic process with a series digital x-rays and computerized impressions, instruments that allow our Newton Centre dentists to customize treatment according to each patients’ specific TMD concerns. 

TMD Therapy At The Center for Advanced Dental Care

Depending on each of our patient's requirements, Drs. Kaplan and Ford offer a variety of TMD solutions. Patients visiting The Center for Advanced Dental Care can have complete confidence in our ability to provide effective care,  as our in-office dental lab allows for personalized, convenient treatment. 

We craft the following TMD appliances in our office:

Mouth Guards
Night Guards
Jaw Stints

In the event of severe TMD cases, where appliances and rehabilitation are not managing the symptoms or treating the problem, surgical intervention may be required. Our dental team works together in ensuring patients receive the optimal treatment they deserve and, if the need arises, will connect patients to the right specialists.

The Benefits of Treating TMD 

TMD not only significantly impacts an individual’s day to day life but also affects oral and overall health. Jaw stiffness, as well as widespread head and neck pain, prevent patients from utilizing their smile’s as they should. 
In addition to alleviating discomfort in most cases, TMD treatment provides our patients with a chance of normalcy as proper jaw function is restored and full-body distress is relieved. 

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Our dental practice provides compassionate TMD treatment for patients in Newton Centre as well as the surrounding communities. 

If you or a loved one would like more information about our TMD treatment options, we encourage you to call or visit us today. 


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