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Invisalign® Clear Braces In Newton Centre

Many people can agree that they desire a beautiful, more uniform smile. With the ever-advancing technology in dentistry, addressing dental issues related to misaligned, gapped, or crowded teeth is more convenient now than ever. At The Center for Advanced Dental Care, Drs. Robert S. Kaplan and Nicole M. Ford are proud to offer Invisalign® clear braces as an alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment throughout Middlesex County.

If you or a loved one are interested in the benefits of a straighter smile, contact our Newton Centre practice today for your Invisalign consultation.

Discretion and Convenience with Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign trays are made from a transparent, durable plastic which gently applies pressure to shift teeth into the desired alignment. They work effectively because they are molded to your unique smile, based on impressions taken by Drs. Kaplan and Ford. These custom aligners are designed to target your specific dental issues, ideal for addressing mild to moderate malocclusion. The duration of each Invisalign treatment varies, but this treatment course can be completed within a year for some cases.

These clear appliances give you the confidence to smile, speak, and eat normally. During mealtimes, you remove the aligners, which protects them from damage and permits you to eat as you like. You can also maintain hygiene habits without using specialized tools. This freedom is unique to removable clear braces, allowing our adult patients to obtain the smile they desire with ease.

Aligning Your Smile Efficiently with Invisalign Express®

At our practice, we also offer Invisalign Express as a viable option for our patients wanting to correct any minor misalignment issues they may have. Our team works with you throughout treatment to ensure minor tooth corrections can be achieved in as little as three months. Those closest to you won’t even know you’re having this orthodontic care done unless you tell them.

Blending Cosmetics and Corrective Care for Optimal Dental Aesthetics

Invisalign aligners can fit perfectly into other personalized cosmetic treatment plans. The custom trays make it easy to implement a convenient way to whiten your teeth. Due to the design of the aligners, the entire smile is evenly lightened, lifting stains on every tooth.

Whether you’re going to an important event or social gathering, you can wear Invisalign clear braces confidently.

The Long-Term Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign clear alternative to braces is world-renowned for achieving beautiful, straighter smiles, but this positioning method can also greatly improve oral health. Proper alignment allows you to help keep teeth clean, eliminating food debris from difficult-to-reach places easier. Straighter teeth also promote a healthy bite, minimizing the uneven wear on your detention. Our entire team is dedicated to improving your quality of life and your dental aesthetics by providing Invisalign clear braces.

Contact Us for you Invisalign Consultation

To see if Invisalign’s clear aligners are the right option for you, call or visit our practice today. Drs. Kaplan and Ford will conduct a comprehensive examination to determine whether this orthodontic treatment will best suit your needs.



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